Practical information

Emergency numbers

Police 997, ambulance 999, fire brigade 998, mobile phone dial 112


Polish country code: 48  Wroclaw code: 71
If you wish to call local number dial +48 71 (and then the number). You can also call from many public phones that are located in the city center and operate with phone card that can be purchased in kiosks and post offices.

Water and Electricity

In Wrocław it is safe to drink tapwater, although a strong smell of chlorine might disincourage you from doing so. The voltage in Poland is standard European 230V, 50Hz, single phase.


The national currency in Poland is the Polish Zloty (PLN; 1 EUR = 4.2 PLN). For a quick and easy conversion for your currency please use a conversion website, e.g. Currency exchanges (KANTOR) can be found at the airport, the main station and in many points in the city centre. Also, you can easily withdraw Polish Zloty from ATM machines.

Restaurants and Tipping

There are many good restaurants in the city centre, in close proximity of the conference venue. They are open until late and usually do not close between lunch and dinnertime. For larger groups it might be safer to make a reservation, but you can always try your luck without one. Tips are not obligatory, but, as in most other countries, it is common to leave a tip if you are satisfied with the service (around 10%).

We strongly advise you to try the local food and beverages in one of Wrocław’s restaurants/ bars/ cafes. There are plenty to choose from, try or


General opening hours are 9 am – 8 pm from Mondays to Sundays; some smaller shops might close earlier during weekends.


June is usually quite pleasant and sunny, with temperatures well above 20 °C.  Nevertheless, although the organisers are doing their best to arrange good weather, it cannot be guaranteed :-) For weather forecasts, please check